Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Food

At Sam’s 4.5 month appt, the Dr said we could go ahead and start doing some purees. (I know people will have opinions about starting them before 6 months, but it won’t do any good because we’ve already started)

(In college this guy kept trying to get me to vote for the guy he thought should be P.O.T.U.S.-he would go on and on about why he was the right choice. I told him I had already voted and it wouldn’t do him much good to try and change my mind)

Oops, sorry, back to baby food. We waited a few weeks because I felt she wasn’t ready yet. Once she started taking an interest in what we were eating, we decided she was ready. I baked some sweet potatoes and mashed them up. We tried and she did not seem to enjoy it at all. She spit most of it out-or rather, she spit all of it out. Turns out she wasn’t ready. We waited till the next week and tried again. More made it into her mouth, but she still didn’t seem interested. More waiting and once we tried again, she was definitely ready. She reaches for the spoon, brings it to her mouth and tries to lick the bowl.

I’ve been making all of her food and it’s so much fun. The only thing I’ve bought were some pears because they aren’t in season yet. Tomorrow we are going to a friends farm to get some summer squash and other yummy stuff.

So far I’ve made

  • sweet potatoes-loves
  • plums-loves
  • apricots-haven’t tried yet
  • peaches-makes a “oh it’s tart” face
  • plumcots-loves
  • green beans-spits them out
  • peas-will eat them mixed with plumcots (ick)
  • carrots-haven’t tried
  • butternut squash-loves
  • cauliflower-haven’t tried
  • cherries-haven’t tried
  • broccoli-makes a funny face and spits them out
  • Barley-likes it mixed with apples and sweet potatoes
  • Apples-likes
  • Mango-haven’t tried yet

I’ve made all of those are purees and some apples I’ve made a bit chunkier. I tried oatmeal one morning and it was either too thick or she just didn’t like it. The barley mix we had the other day resulted in a mid-day bath. She had it in her hair. I had it all down my arms, we were both a mess.

I bought her some sweet potato/mango puffs to work on her pinching skills, and so far I’m totally addicted to them and she wants nothing to do with them. They are seriously good.

I’m having so much fun doing this and love watching her reactions to new foods. Can’t wait to see what we pick up at the farm tomorrow!

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  1. Have you tried avocados yet? Kids seem to love them! I know A did. It was fun making new it's not so fun, because she's gotten so picky.

    Do you have an immersion blender? I loved that thing for making purees.


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