Wednesday, August 24, 2011

6 Months

We’ve been doing this parenting for 6 months plus a few days. I’m not sure where the last 6 months have gone-they went way too fast. There are some days that I feel totally capable of being a parent, and then there are days that I feel Sam must have drawn the short straw because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Sam had her 6 month well baby appointment today (well Monday-when I started this post) and Dr. G said she was perfect head to toe. (of course, I already knew that) I always get nervous going to the pediatrician because I’m afraid they will realize that I have no idea what I’m doing. We must be doing something right though. She weighs 17lbz, 15oz and is 26.5 inches long. She’s in the 90% for weight and 76% for both height and head circum (43cm).

People always say they can’t remember life before a baby. In some ways that is true. I feel like I’ve known her forever. But having her here certainly doesn’t erase what we went through to have her. Her presence doesn’t erase the memories of the two babes we lost.

(I was in the middle of this when the earthquake hit)(um, holy cow was that insane. It sounded like a big construction truck coming down the street, but then it continued and the walls started shaking. Mike grabbed Sam (asleep in her car seat) and took her into the doorway, while we are going “holy crap I think that was an earthquake. I had some metal letters on a bookcase downstairs and I hear one hit the floor. Upstairs, some pictures and knick-knacks fell off the bookcase. I’ve been in a tornado before and this was actually way scarier to me)

I do remember sleeping more before she got here. People always tell you to sleep while you can. Which would be awesome if you could stock pile that sleep for later. But since you can’t, it doesn’t really do much good to sleep lots before the baby gets here. You don’t feel anymore rested. Sam was a wonderful sleeper from about months 2-5. Now we have lots of mid-night wake ups. She’s learning new skills, so she wakes up and practices, and then cries when she can’t get back to sleep. We started putting 5 or 6 binks in the crib so she can feel around to find one.

I continue to be in awe watching her grow and learn. She’s sitting up on her own-with a few falls still. She rolls over back to front, but forgets she can go back the other way. She is currently toothless with no signs of any coming soon. She loves her purees that I make and we are starting to give her more solid type foods now that she can gum things. She loves her Mum-Mums (soft, melt in your mouth crackers).

She had her 6 month shots on Monday and this round has made her way fussier than her last sets. Her little leggies hurt so we’ve given her some ty.lenol. I’m going to start changing up her nighttime routine to see if we can curb some of the wake ups.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Food

At Sam’s 4.5 month appt, the Dr said we could go ahead and start doing some purees. (I know people will have opinions about starting them before 6 months, but it won’t do any good because we’ve already started)

(In college this guy kept trying to get me to vote for the guy he thought should be P.O.T.U.S.-he would go on and on about why he was the right choice. I told him I had already voted and it wouldn’t do him much good to try and change my mind)

Oops, sorry, back to baby food. We waited a few weeks because I felt she wasn’t ready yet. Once she started taking an interest in what we were eating, we decided she was ready. I baked some sweet potatoes and mashed them up. We tried and she did not seem to enjoy it at all. She spit most of it out-or rather, she spit all of it out. Turns out she wasn’t ready. We waited till the next week and tried again. More made it into her mouth, but she still didn’t seem interested. More waiting and once we tried again, she was definitely ready. She reaches for the spoon, brings it to her mouth and tries to lick the bowl.

I’ve been making all of her food and it’s so much fun. The only thing I’ve bought were some pears because they aren’t in season yet. Tomorrow we are going to a friends farm to get some summer squash and other yummy stuff.

So far I’ve made

  • sweet potatoes-loves
  • plums-loves
  • apricots-haven’t tried yet
  • peaches-makes a “oh it’s tart” face
  • plumcots-loves
  • green beans-spits them out
  • peas-will eat them mixed with plumcots (ick)
  • carrots-haven’t tried
  • butternut squash-loves
  • cauliflower-haven’t tried
  • cherries-haven’t tried
  • broccoli-makes a funny face and spits them out
  • Barley-likes it mixed with apples and sweet potatoes
  • Apples-likes
  • Mango-haven’t tried yet

I’ve made all of those are purees and some apples I’ve made a bit chunkier. I tried oatmeal one morning and it was either too thick or she just didn’t like it. The barley mix we had the other day resulted in a mid-day bath. She had it in her hair. I had it all down my arms, we were both a mess.

I bought her some sweet potato/mango puffs to work on her pinching skills, and so far I’m totally addicted to them and she wants nothing to do with them. They are seriously good.

I’m having so much fun doing this and love watching her reactions to new foods. Can’t wait to see what we pick up at the farm tomorrow!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Judgey McJudgersons

Man, oh, man, the parenting world is a judgey place. There was an article on MSN’s Parenting about The Mom-Judging Olympics. I will admit that I’ve been judgmental towards other moms, and it’s always done in my own head-or I share my thoughts with Mike. I really have no right to do that because I believe people are free to raise their children however they want. When someone makes a comment about their baby, I try not to interject with what we are doing that works in that situation unless they specifically ask for opinions or help.

I know I was judged for decisions we made. I was judged for exclusively pumping because I wasn’t actually breastfeeding. Because you know, breast is best. I spent many nights early on when I was up pumping trying to figure out if the breast itself was best or the breastmilk. My hormones were wacky and I just wanted to make sure I was doing what was best. In all honesty, I think feeding your baby in general is best, whether that’s breastmilk from the source, or from a bottle, or formula. I like to tell people that I’m pro-baby feeding. If you can breastfeed, great. If you need to pump, good for you. If you want/need to use formula, by all means, go right ahead. We made decisions that were right for our family, and I really should have let the criticism bother me. I gave it my all and in the end, my boobs just sorta gave up. I tried oatmeal and fenu.greek (which made me smell like syrup) and neither of those helped at all. I tried doing more bfing sessions. But she is getting fed and I feel like that is one of the my most important jobs. I had someone ask me once how she was sleeping. I said she was sleeping from about 8-5 (at the time), someone chimed in “Well, my babies are breastfed so they get up more often” to which I replied “oh she gets breastmilk, she just doesn’t wake up for a feeding at night” The tone she used made it sound like she was better because she was breastfeeding-without knowing that Sam drank breastmilk as well. It’s not my fault her kids get up more often.

Even though I’ve done it as well, I don’t see the need for competition. I guess every mom wants their kid to the best and brightest. Sam hated being on her belly until, well she still doesn’t like it, but I was convinced she was never going to roll over. During tummy time she would push her belly out and teeter on it instead of using her arms. Some friends whose babies younger than her, they were using their arms and rolling over. So I compared, which I told myself not to do. Turns out I just need to wait for her to do her thing. She can roll front to back, but prefers rolling back to front. Then she cries and we flip her back over just to repeat the process. She stays on her tummy longer than before and I know soon she will have no troubles. I keep reminding myself that all babies are different and develop at their own rate.

I know I had a point to this post when I started it 2 days ago, but now this is all I remember that I was going to write about. My little Peanut was up 3 times last night practicing her roll over skills. I just wish she would remember she knows how to get back to her back.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fresh Air & Sunshine

Ahhh. I needed a fresh space. I need a place to think and vent and write, but felt I couldn’t on my other blog. I want to be public again, but I knew I couldn’t write there anymore. That blog was a pregnancy blog, miscarriage, infertility, and pregnancy again. It’s purpose when I started (almost 4 years ago) was to be my pregnancy and then mommy blog space. Which it still could be, but instead, this will be my new home.
The reason I took the last blog private was because some douchebag family members were using information against the rest of the family (falsely, I might add-the person in question is just a t.wat). I felt violated even though I knew they were reading. I never imagined she would try and use the information against us. In order to not be totally cryptic (because that annoys me), we were planning on using some inheritance to do IVF (which we would still be waiting if we had gone that route). We decided to finance it another way, but when I mentioned we were going to be doing IVF, she thought I had received my money and she hadn’t-so she threw a fit. I’m not sure if that was the catalyst, but things went downhill from there and still aren’t fully resolved. Well, we no longer consider them part of the family, and no one has contact with them anymore, we are just waiting on loose ends to be tied. (There were more factors involved because she’s a greedy little b.itch, but that’s a whole other story).
So I need some where fresh and new and pretty to start blogging again. Because I really miss it. I also felt my last blog became more for others than for me. I wasn’t fully expressing myself because I didn’t want to seem like I was complaining-even though the last few months of my pregnancy were very hard emotionally and physically. I would never want anyone to think I was anything but grateful for our wonderful gift.
I also want to start blogging again about life with a tiny babe. But I will write about other things too as they come to mind. There is a 30 day photography challenge I want to do. I plan on going to BlogHer next year so I figure if I’m going to a bloggers convention, I should at least, ya  know, still be blogging.
So here I am. Man it feels good to write again.
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