Thursday, October 6, 2011

Full Circle

2 years ago, Mike and I walked at The Cade Foundation’s Race for the Family. With each registration, you were entered into a raffle for a free IVF cycle. We started a team (though it was just the two of us) and we raised money for the organization. With each donation, the donator was entered into the raffle as well. You could (still can) purchase a raffle ticket and then if you win and aren’t in need of IVF, it can be transferred to a person who is in need of IVF.

The race is actually a 5k, but they also do a 1 mile walk (uh, we do the walk, not the run). We had a good time and it was nice to see the staff from our clinic. We didn’t the win the raffle, but we did raise money for the organization.

Last year we walked in the walk again, only this time I was 10 weeks pregnant with Sam. We saw our RE, that we hadn’t seen since we graduated. It was an emotional day because we had worked so hard to get there. Last year I wrote about a post about the walk called Half Circle.

We walked again this past weekend. This year, we got to walk with Sam. I got a little teary when they were singing the National Anthem before the race started. It was super cold, but I’m glad we went. We didn’t see any of the staff from our clinic, though some of the other Drs were there. They had a lady with a video camera walking around asking people what they day meant to them, why events like that are important, and taking footage to be used on the website and for promotional things (I think). She asked me if she could ask me some questions, so I said sure (though I dread speaking on camera).

I told her that events like this are important to help raise awareness about infertility. It is often something not spoken of, but having foundations out there that offer financial assistance to couples going through treatments or adoption is so important. I told her that the camaraderie of the event is wonderful because the people there know what it’s like. Whether they are starting out, are currently pregnant, or are finished building their family, but wanting to still support. They get it, when often families and friends don’t.

Mike said all my answers sounded good, but I felt super awkward. I’m going to keep an eye out on the website to see if anything is posted, and I’ll let you know.


You can find out more about The Cade Foundation here

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